2018 Programme

The 49th annual PRIMA conference programme exceeded expectations!

Day one: Wednesday 19 September

Day one

  1. Registration and Refreshments

  2. Chair’s opening remarks

    Ian Murdoch | formerly European Leader, Forestry, Paper and Packaging Industry Group of PWC

Market overview and trends

  1. Market developments and trends

    Stewart Johnston | Head of Consultancy for Europe, Middle East and Asia of Smithers Group

    • Current Situation
    • Outlook over next 5 years
    • Potential Disruptors
  2. Global economic outlook in times of disruption

    Helge Pedersen | Group Chief Economist of Nordea

    • Solid recovery but small warning lights illuminate
    • Monetary policy remains lenient for a long time yet
    • The USD come back
    • Geopolitical risks hit financial markets  
  3. Industry Keynotes: Pulp, paper and packaging into the new decade

    Berry Wiersum | CEO of SAPPI

    Featuring 3 keynote presentations from:

    Berry Wiersum, CEO, SAPPI

    Kurt Maier, CEO, Heinzel Group

    Mike Garcia, President, Pulp & Paper, Domtar

    This session will end with a panel discussion giving you the opportunity to ask our  expert panel plenty of questions!

  4. Networking coffee break

  5. The policy outlook for the fibre based industry

    Sylvain Lhote | Director General of CEPI

    • The climate and energy package – where are we heading next?
    • The bio- and circular economy strategies – how do we make them work together?
    • The EU plastics strategy - what implications for the paper-based and packaging industries                             
  6. The future of the European fibre based industry from a financial point of view

    Rupert Taylor | Head of Corporate Sector Advisory of Natwest

    • The recent performance of the sector focussing on financial metrics
    • Sector consolidation: is bigger better?
    • Adding capacity the smart way
    • Attracting investment other sources e.g. private equity
  7. The outlook for market pulp

    Pierre R Bach | Research Manager of Hawkins Wright, UK

    • Chinese reflation and RCF import restrictions
    • Increased incidence of unplanned outages and supply-side consolidation
    • Fibre scarcity and other long-term inflationary forces
  8. Q&A and discussion session

  9. Networking lunch

Environmental and sustainability issues

  1. Out of plastics

    Luis Rochartre | Director, Forest Solutions Group of World Business Council for Sustainable Development

    • Through its unique ability to capture and store carbon, the forest sector lies at the heart of the necessary transition to a low-carbon future, by substituting emissions intensive materials with a broad array of renewable products.
    • As forests and forest products value chains span geographical boundaries and sectors. Action is needed at the global level among key actors along the value chain - from the forest owners and processors to the consumption and resource recovery - and their key external stakeholders.


  2. Overview of Iceland's 5 year plan to go plastic free

    Ian Schofield | Own Label and Packaging Manager of Iceland

    • How does Iceland intend to replace plastic packaging with trays made of paper and pulp?
    • Is it technically and practically possible to create more environmentally friendly alternatives
    • What can the industry do to encourage other retailers to reduce their plastic use?
  3. Sustainability for personal health and the environment

    Per Emilsson | Senior Sales Manager of UMV Coating Systems

    • The need for new barrier products to create an alternative to the use of conventional packaging solutions containing plastics, perfluorocarbon and wax
    • Guidelines for the transition to sustainable products that are bio-degradable. recyclable and re-pulpable
  4. Q&A and discussion session

  5. Networking coffee break

  6. The outlook for the global recovered paper markets

    Wade Schuetzeberg | Executive Director Europe of America Chung Nam (ACN)

    • The impact of RCP pm the global supply chain                                                                                                                            
    • What are the implications for the European pulp and paper market?                                                                                            
    • What to expect from regulation and government policies on recovered paper usage, collection and trade      
  7. The European perspective on recyclable waste recovery

    Simon Ellin | CEO of The Recycling Association

    • The circular economy and its impact on the packaging and paper industry
    • Quality and the impact on supply and demand
  8. How can graphic paper makers and packaging paper makers cope with the changing dynamic?

    Craig Robinson | Global Director Strategy & Strategic Planning of Cyclelink International Holdings

    • How can we ensure the sustainable supply of strategically important raw materials across the supply chain?
    • The impact on fibre flows throughout the supply chain
    • What will happen to the price of recovered paper?
  9. Q&A and discussion session

  10. Chair's summary and closing remarks

    Ian Murdoch | Forestry, Paper & Packaging Industry Group Leader of PwC Europe

  11. Networking dinner cruise

    All delegates to PRIMA 2018 are invited to an exclusive networking dinner and drinks reception upon a candlelight dinner cruise along the pictureque canals in Amsterdam. Places are limited so make sure you book your place!

Day two: Thursday 20 September

Day two

  1. Delegate sign-in and morning refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

    Ania Krolak | Managing Consultant of Smithers Information

Digitisation and the future of the graphic paper market

  1. Keynote: Opportunities and trends in today's challenging paper market

    Hervé Poncin | CEO of Antalis International

    • The evolution of the paper and printing industry
    • Consumer trends shaping the future of the graphic paper market
    • Market consolidation and M&A activity
    • Raw material costs and their impact
  2. Digitisation and its impact on demand for paper based products

    Nicholas Oksanen | Executive Vice President, Industry Business Group of POYRY

    • What will be the impact of digital transformation of society on paper and paperboard demand in the upcoming 10-15 years?
    • How is the turbulence in the paper industry and resulting repurposing of paper machines going to change the market balances in the packaging board industry?
    • Are there new disruptive events on the horizon?
  3. The Future of Books: Findings of a qualitative study in 2017

    Juha Ceder | Vice President Book Papers and Newsprint Specialties of Stora Enso

    • Objectives: what, why and how
    • Trends and paper choices
    • Key findings
  4. Q&A and discussion session

  5. Networking coffee break

The future of print in a changing media, advertising and communications market

  1. Why Print is the publishers’ best friend in an ever-changing media market

    Simon Biltcliffe | CEO of Webmart

    • From the print front line: how printers and publishers are collaborating for success
    • How innovation and tech is helping the marketing and publishing worlds
    • Tech challenges & opportunities in publishing
    • Technological alchemy and the future of print and publishing
  2. Print or digital – the media and publishing perspective

    Chris Sutcliffe | Media Journalist of Media Voice

    • How changing consumer habits are changing how publishers pick a medium
    • Where are the new opportunities for print products?
    • How can content support publishers' priorities in 2018?
    • Combining print, digital and more to create a multi-faceted business model
  3. Q&A and discussion session

  4. Networking lunch

Packaging innovation and consumer behaviour

  1. Multi-channel e-commerce and its impact on the global packaging market

    Isabel Rocher | Head of e-commerce solutions of DS Smith - Packaging Division

    • How is the packaging industry responding to the increased need for sustainability and performance in the supply chain?
    • What factors are influencing packaging e-commerce?    
  2. The drive towards cross industry collaboration on coffee cups recycling

    James Pitcher | Director of Sustainability of Whitbread Group, Premier Inn & Restaurants, Costa Coffee

    • What is Costa doing to tackle the challenge of coffee cup recycling with its new unique scheme?
    • Driving change in the UK waste management industry to put the right infrastructure in place to collect, sort and transport cups to recycling plants
  3. Products of the future – The move from plastic to paper in the beverage industry

    Markku Hämäläinen | CEO of Kotkamills Oy, Finland

    • How are environmental factors influencing innovation?
    • Emerging technologies for easily recyclable barrier boards
    • Use of nano cellulose fibres and their impact on pulp and fibre supply
  4. Packaging of the future

    Laurent Sellier | COO Europe, Paper & Board of Smurfit Kappa

    • Sustainable packaging
    • Product innovation
    • Responding to the demands of e-commerce
    • Technology and consumer trends
  5. Chair's closing remarks

    Ania Krolak | Managing Consultant of Smithers Information