Global Recovered Paper Market

Ahead of PRIMA 2018 we spoke to America Chung Nam (ACN), The Recycling Association and Cyclelink International Holdings about their presentations on the global recovered paper market.

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The outlook for the global recovered paper markets
Wade Shuetzeberg | Executive Director Europe of America Chung Nam (ACN)

"Since the mid 90’s, truly global markets for PfR emerged with China a leading player.  Topping out around 30 million MT of imported fibre, China changed the landscape for recycling by providing a consistent market for a host of materials.  However, since the advent of Green Fence, National Sword and Blue Sky policy, China has shifted the global paradigm once more.  How will stakeholders cope in this new environment?  What can we do to future proof our industry and what can we expect as a re-invention of the global supply chain for recovered materials.  I hope to address all this and more as we look to build the next generation of recyclers in a post-modern “anything goes” recycling economy."

The European perspective on recyclable waste recovery
Simon Ellin | CEO of The Recycling Association

"There is no doubt that the recycling industry is experiencing a sea change like never before. Many factors have been fed into the virtual Hadron Collider – not least the China ban and quality requirements, the tightening of other export markets, the EU Circular Economy Package, the BBC Blue Planet programme and the fact that our industry is suddenly a vote winner for politicians. What this situation has bought is uncertainty but with the certainty of change. Change that will ultimately make us stronger. Change that will drive quality improvements. The Recycling Association’s Quality First campaign has led the way we now view our “waste” in the UK. We see it as a resource, as a commodity, and to survive and become the Burberry of world markets, we have to produce a commodity that has unlimited applications in a  global marketplace. Supply chain responsibility and partnership led by government must deliver this. When it does, our virtual hadron collider will take us back to the basic building blocks we require to evolve our industry and produce a quality product."

How can graphic paper makers and packaging paper makers cope with the changing dynamic?
Craig Robinson | Global Director Strategy & Strategic Planning of Cyclelink International Holdings

"In my relatively short 16 year career in the paper industry, we haven’t witnessed as much accelerated change as we have in the past 3 years!  Of course, different sectors are experiencing contrasting challenges; the slow decline in graphic papers, with steady growth in packaging and tissue.  Quality of recovered fibre has always been a high priority for me, and even more so today as global regulatory and market forces finally start to incentivise suppliers and the wider supply chain.  In this environment, securing strategically important raw materials is vital to the health and success of our industry.  Recent intervention policies by numerous Governments have forced buyers to rethink their operations as the traditional fibre flows are disrupted.  Is this the ‘new normal’, what does it look like, and how should the industry adapt?"

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