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Marco Eikelenboom - Sappi Europe

Marco Eikelenboom

CEO at Sappi Europe
António José Pereira Redondo - The Navigator Company

António José Pereira Redondo

CEO at The Navigator Company
Sven Ombudstvedt - Norske Skog

Sven Ombudstvedt

CEO at Norske Skog
Davide Castellani - Henley Business School

Davide Castellani

Professor of International Business and Strategy at Henley Business School
Dr Hans Grünfeld - VEMW (Dutch association of non-domestic energy and water consumers)

Dr Hans Grünfeld

Managing Director at VEMW (Dutch association of non-domestic energy and water consumers)
Rupert Taylor - NatWest

Rupert Taylor

Head of Corporate Sector Advisory at NatWest
Christian Kallenberg - We Like Mags

Christian Kallenberg

Founder at We Like Mags
Ian Murdoch - PwC Group

Ian Murdoch

Formerly European Leader, Forestry, Paper and Packaging Industry Group at PwC Group
Andrea Glawe - KROENERT GmbH & Co KG

Andrea Glawe

Regional Sales Director at KROENERT GmbH & Co KG
Felipe Schlingmann Ortega - European Investment Bank

Felipe Schlingmann Ortega

Head of Bioeconomy Division; Projects Directorate at European Investment Bank
Per Svending - FiberLean Technologies Ltd

Per Svending

Project Leader, at FiberLean Technologies Ltd
Leon Nicholas -  WestRock

Leon Nicholas

Vice President, Retail Insights & Solutions at WestRock
Arthur Krebbers - NatWest Markets

Arthur Krebbers

Head of Sustainable Finance, Corporates at NatWest Markets
Berry Wiersum - Sappi Europe S.A.

Berry Wiersum

Head of Regulatory Affairs at Sappi Europe S.A.
Marko Summanen - Fisher International

Marko Summanen

Vice President – Business Development Europe at Fisher International
Ulf Tillman - RDM Group

Ulf Tillman

Director, Innovation & Sustainability at RDM Group
Teija Konttori - Vision Hunters

Teija Konttori

Managing Director at Vision Hunters
Fabienne Sinclair - PEFC International

Fabienne Sinclair

Head of Marketing at PEFC International
Sami-Pekka Rantanen - MetGen Oy

Sami-Pekka Rantanen

Sales Director at MetGen Oy
Richard Burnett - James Cropper

Richard Burnett

Head of Technology & Innovation; Recovered Fibre Operations Manager at James Cropper
Arne Kant - AFRY Management Consulting

Arne Kant

Senior Principal at AFRY Management Consulting