2019 Agenda

Tuesday 17 September

Tuesday 17 September

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

    Ian Murdoch | formerly European Leader, Forestry, Paper and Packaging Industry Group of PWC

Macro-economic, societal and legislative challenges and opportunities

  1. Cycles and patterns in the pulp and paper industry – a look 50 years back and where we’re headed next

    Rod Fisher | President of Fisher International Inc.

  2. No news is bad news: the shocking truth about printed newspapers - how is the supply chain responding

    Gary Thomson | Senior Market Consultant of EMGE & Co

  3. Industry Keynotes: How is the supply / demand equation changing? Managing change and seizing new opportunities for growth in the circular and digital economies

    Speakers including: Berry Wiersum, Chief Executive Officer, Sappi Europe S.A.; Markus Gärtner, Chief Executive Officer, Fibre Packaging/Paper, Mondi; Bernd Eikens, Executive Vice President, UPM Biorefining

    Top level updates followed by panel discussion

  4. Networking coffee break

  5. Update on recent financial performance of the sector

    Rupert Taylor | Head of Corporate Sector Advisory of NatWest

    Using paper cashflow and assets to shift into growth segments; assessing the attraction of fibre-based packaging


  6. China’s changing paper trail - impact on regional markets and company strategies

    Natasha Valeeva | Analyst - Food and Agribusiness Supply Chains of RaboBank

  7. Brand-owner keynote: Sustainability – unlocking new opportunities for innovation, growth, and collaboration across the value chain

    Jay L. Gouliard | Vice President of Global Packaging of Mondelez International

    Sustainability is enabling new avenues of innovation across the consumer packaged goods value chain – from raw material suppliers to end-of-life processors.  Opportunities to collaborate and add value to each of our enterprises have never been so numerous.  Working together, we can “change the world” by creating solutions that our consumers cherish, that protect our products and our planet, and that do not diminish the overall abundance of natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

  8. Q&A session

  9. Networking lunch

  10. The changing role of the paper merchant within the supply chain - adapting to the expectations of becoming a service delivery company

    Mikhail Senatorov | Senior Vice President & CEO of DOUBLE V Group of Companies

  11. Tissue sector update – adapting to economic and demographic changes

    Speaker to be confirmed

  12. Q&A session

Investing in R&D: How are pulp, paper, tissue and packaging manufacturers driving innovation and differentiation to realise the full potential of these materials?

  1. Metsä Group’s investment in R&D, focusing on an agenda driven by sustainability

    Päivi Makkonen | Vice President, Sustainability of Metsä Group

  2. Next generation papers for the packaging market

    Magnus Renman | Group R&D Director of DS Smith

  3. Q&A session

  4. Networking break

  5. Managing change and seizing new opportunities for growth in the circular and digital economies

    Davide Braghiroli | Manager for Product Environmental Performance of Tetra Pak

  6. The transformation of research and innovation in the evolving bioeconomy

    Dina Dedic | Vice President Biorefinery & Energy of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE Bioeconomy

  7. Q&A session

  8. Chair’s closing remarks

    Ian Murdoch | formerly European Leader, Forestry, Paper and Packaging Industry Group of PWC

  9. Networking dinner

    18.00 -20:00 Networking dinner, further information to be announced 

Wednesday 18 September

Wednesday 18 September

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chairman’s opening remarks

    Ian Murdoch | Forestry, Paper & Packaging Industry Group Leader of PwC Europe

Future proofing – insights from industry leaders

  1. Towards a renewable future

    Gilles van Nieuwenhuyzen | Executive Vice President, Packaging Solutions of Stora Enso

  2. An industry in transition

    Henrik Sjölund | CEO of Holmen

  3. Q&A session

The future of print in a changing media, advertising and communications market

  1. Where does print continue to thrive? Highlights from FIPP’s ‘The future of media’ whitepaper

    Cobus Heyl | Chief Content Officer of FIPP - the network for global media

    Examining the role that print plays in the print / digital / experiential mix to maximize audience engagement, cross-selling and revenue generation 

  2. Challenges in publishing – how can the supply chain help to make print great again?

    Christian Kallenberg | Founder & Owner of We Like Mags

  3. Q&A session

  4. Networking break

Consumer behaviour and buying pattern trends in paper and packaging

Brand owners approach to sustainability and packaging innovation – what do they need from the supply chain?

  1. The challenge of sustainable packaging for on-the-go retail – how consumers are laying down the gauntlet to brands in the war on waste

    Oliver Rosevear | Head of Environment of Costa Coffee, UK

  2. Packaging challenges in a fast moving environment

    Martin Luh | Global Packaging Base Material Management (Solidboard), of Nestlé

    Anti-plastic concerns; novel packaging solutions; consumer, NGO and retail influence and what it means for fibre packaging

  3. Sustainable packaging - how consumers drive the need for paper based packaging

    Arco Berkenbosch | Vice President Innovation and Development of Smurfit Kappa

  4. Q&A session

  5. Networking lunch

  6. Corrugated packaging: opportunities in a changing & challenging environment

    Angelika Christ | Secretary General of FEFCO - European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers

  7. Building sustainable supply chains : McDonald’s scale for good

    Phil Davidson | Global Sustainability Director of HAVI

    • Setting and manging sustainability objectives
    • Certified fibre implementation
    • Promoting awareness and driving change
  8. Paper, plastics and the circular economy

    Tim Barker | Director of Truffala Ltd

    Concerns about the sustainability of plastics are providing opportunities for paper-based alternatives. How do the materials compare and what are the key messages to promote paper’s benefits? How do these developments fit into a wider perspective on the circular economy and what challenges and opportunities may this continuing disruption bring?

  9. Paper versus plastic – key opportunities in packaging

    Dan Rogers | Head of Publishing of Smithers Pira

    With the sustainability agenda driving major changes in the packaging industry, Smithers Pira will identify how this is translating into new market potential for paperboard suppliers and converters across the next five years.

    Pack formats and end-use markets where the paper industry is best positioned to displace plastic materials will be discussed, including analysis of the state of the art in packaging design, and the technical and market barriers to commercial implementation.

  10. Q&A session

  11. Chair’s closing remarks

    Ian Murdoch | Forestry, Paper & Packaging Industry Group Leader of PwC Europe

  12. Close of conference